About Us

Our Mission


   Stop disposable plastic waste before it starts

   Preserve and protect  CT natural assets

Reduce waste management costs for our municipalities 

  Advocate for a smarter and healthier way of life 

 Educate and encourage CT residents to BYO - Bring Your Own

How We Are Helping CT


BYOCT is a coalition of CT towns & cities, addressing the economic, social justice, human health and environmental threats disposable plastic waste pose to our CT residents and our natural assets. 

CT Needs You


You get get involved by:

- starting a new BYO in your Town 

- volunteering your time with a current BYO

-spreading our mission through word-of-mouth

We need you, thank you!

Together we can work together to stops waste before it starts.

Getting a Bag Ban Started

BYOCTGettingaBagBanStarted (pdf)


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