Tackling Waste



3 Steps to Reduce Plastic & Benefit Your Business


Despite our best intentions, some of the 

packaging we give customers will be littered. 80% of this debris is plastic.


With these simple strategies, you will reduce litter, safeguard the quality of food sources, and protect landscapes and wildlife – all while saving money and helping your business thrive.

Creating Jobs & Revenue


Product Stewardship programs from recycling to EPR to voluntary company and industry run take-back programs have been creating financial, economic and environmental benefits for over 10 years in the United States. Still, there is more we can do to turn our "waste into food" and revitalize our manufacturing industry, retain valuable raw materials and earth metals in the U.S., and reduce the cost burden of current waste management practices on taxpayers and local governments.

Plastic Pollution Prevention Policy Samples


When businesses decrease the number of disposables they give to customers, they can help reduce waste, beautify local beaches, and protect the wildlife that support tourism – all while saving money and helping their businesses thrive.

Effective policies broaden these opportunities for the entire community to reap the benefits of source reduction. Developing a written policy within your organization or enacting legislation in your community are effective approaches because everyone must participate. Legislation also levels the playing field – so responsible businesses are never at a disadvantage to their competitors.

Protecting Your Drinking Water


This source water protection guide provides municipal officials with tools they can use to protect drinking water sources, and includes several short case examples from local communities. This call to action focuses on the folowing five key areas of vulnerability identified in New England State Source Water Assessments:

  • Inadequate local regulations and ordinances
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Onsite sewage disposal systems
  • Hazardous materials storage
  • Stormwater runoff